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Dave Stanton

View Source is a podcast that chronicles the ever-changing world of digital journalism, news applications and interactive narratives. Guests will tear apart their own work, explaining what they learned throughout the development process and what they would do differently with more time, unlimited resources and better planning. Each episode will tie together professional work with relevant training that listeners can utilize to improve their skills.


# Title Date Description Length
11 Your Warming World with Chris Amico Jan. 26, 2013 01/26

Chris Amico of Homicide Watch takes you through the development of the Your Warming World Project for NewScientist

10 Firehouse response times with Ben Welsh Nov. 16, 2012 11/16

Ben Welsh of the Los Angeles Times takes you through the data gathering, analysis and production process to create the “How fast is LAFD where you live?” map.

9 Campaign Finance Explorer with Sisi Wei and Jason Bartz Oct. 17, 2012 10/17

Sisi Wei and Jason Bartz of the Washington Post discuss the Campaign Finance Explorer.

8 PANDA with Christopher Groskopf Aug. 12, 2012 08/12

Christopher Groskopf describes the building of the PANDA news data appliance.

7 Custom Newsletters with Ryan Pitts Aug. 1, 2012 08/01

The Spokesman-Review lets readers create custom email newsletters and feeds. It may not sound sexy, but the implications for reader-controlled news are huge.

6 Learn Code for Journalism June 26, 2012 06/26

Robert Hernandez of USC talks about his mashup of Codecademy’s Code Year with Google+ Hangouts.

5 Hipster Education with Cindy Royal and Jeremy Gilbert June 4, 2012 06/04

Cindy Royal (Texas State) and Jeremy Gilbert (Northwestern University) discuss their approaches to teaching programming to journalists through experiential learning.

4 Wordpress-MTV with Heather Billings May 27, 2012 05/27

Heather Billings, news app developer at the Chicago Tribune, talks about replumbing WordPress to work more like Django and the importance of self learning.

3 Tuscaloosa Tornados with Andy Boyle May 13, 2012 05/13

Andy Boyle, newsroom web developer at the Boston Globe, describes how he cobbled together code to build a people-locator app in the aftermath of the 2011 Tuscaloosa tornados. The TuscaloosaNews would later win a Pulitzer Prize for its coverage.

2 Drones and Sensors with Matt Waite May 6, 2012 05/06

Matt Waite, professor of practice at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, talks about crashing drones and almost flooding a computer lab.

1 TechRaking with David Cohn April 29, 2012 04/29

A few weeks ago David Cohn helped organize an event at Google called TechRaking. That day, so many conversations involved the notion that journalists are different than technologists because journalists don’t have a culture of failing publicly to improve. So, that’s what we’re going to try to do on this podcast — talk about how digital journalism fails. Of course we’ll talk about the successes as well, but there is no great project that doesn’t have a boatload of fail in its wake.


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