Best Podcasts for Movie Buffs and Filmmakers

There are so many podcasts available nowadays. Check out the Best Movie Podcasts of 21st Century for all categories. But, particularly for movie news, there are few available. The best podcasts for movie buffs and filmmakers today are:

Podcasts for Movie Buffs and Filmmakers

The Business

The business is one of the most famous podcasts on television today. This show features weekly on television and features lively banter about various gossips in the industry, latest industry news and also interviews with directors, producers, writers and actors. This show is brilliantly hosted by the charming and award-winning journalist Kim Masters. This show is affiliated to and produced by KCRW. Some of the major guests on this show have been stars like Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Steven Spielberg etc.

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The Dissolve

The dissolve  was a famous podcast which was launched in the early part of 2013. It was basically a film review, news, and commentary website. This site was produced by Pitchfork and the company has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. The site was basically on focused on movie reviews, commentary, interviews with various celebrities, and news about both modern day contemporary and the old classic films. Scott Tobias has been the Co-producer of the dissolve and this site was shut down in May 2015 by its Editorial director Keith Phipps.

Best Podcasts for Movie Buffs and Filmmakers

Filmspotting SVU

Filmspotting SVU has been a part of the filmspotting podcast family for a long time and the Panoply network. This is basically a podcast that is broadcasted on TV twice a week from New York City. This is basically focused on universal streaming of movies, the best TV shows, interviews with various celebrities, actors and producers. This show is hosted and produced by renowned film critic Alison Willmore and the Managing Editor of ScreenCrush Matt Singer. 

Filmwax Radio

Filmwax Radio was established in 2013 and has made a great impact on all the movie buffs out there. This show basically hosts a lot of live podcasts on amazing platforms like renowned film festivals and amazing clubs and discos. This is a platform where directors, actors and producers can promote their films via the most renowned film festivals, that too in front of live audiences. This show offers a great marketing scheme for films as well.

The Frame

The frame is basically one of the most famous podcasts today. It is basically a bundle of interviews that celebrate the creativity in films, TV shows, music genres, and also various arts and entertainment. This show is produced by the Southern California Public Radio, and is hosted by John Horn. He basically leads all the conversations, interviews and events which are generally accompanied by some of the most renowned cultural journalists. This show is affiliated to KPCC.

Maltin on Movies

Maltin on Movies is basically a podcast that was launched in 2014. This show was launched by Nerdist Industries and was inspired by the 2010 to 2014 hit TV movie-review show on the ReelzChannel, which was hosted by Leonard Maltin. The show is really famous for reviewing all the latest Hollywood movies and some of the best TV Shows. Step up 3D was one of the first films that was broadcasted on this show.