Best Movie Podcasts of 21st Century (Must Listen)

Podcasting is trending a lot in the 21st century and is a new punk among youths. It is a digital communication wherein the podcasters write on the internet and connect with many people. It is the best way to deliver content either verbally, creating PDF’s or through the video. Podcast are used for learning, broadcasting, entertainment, music and much more.

Best Movie Podcasts

For newly engaged people in podcasts, it is hard for them to figure out what section would their interest lie in. Film podcast is a broad category, and therefore it is important to know some of the best movie podcasts that are adored for many years. If you’re looking for weekend entertainment, Showbox is the best music venue. View Source and Django are other podcasts previously available on this website.

Best Movie Podcasts of 21st Century

Must Listen to Podcast Movies

  • The Important Cinema Club

Justin Decloux and Will Sloan are the two well-informed podcast hosts who speak about The Important Cinema Club. The movie is about two guys who live in Toronto and talks about their times spent at the Toronto International Film Festival. It seems that they have either completely attended the festival but still feel that they have not at all participated in the festival because it has lost its zest. They criticize how TIFF has become in the upcoming years.

Kamau Bell and Kevin Avery have thoroughly explained Denzel Washington’s career. However “Denzel Washington is the Greatest Actor of All Time Period” is a weekly podcast that explains too less about Denzel Washington and focuses more on the interactions the actor had with the press and what an African- American celebrity requires. It has also included discussions on the state of black film and diversity in the media. Kamau Bell and Kevin Avery ramble around famous personalities to know how exactly it is to be a responsible member of a marginalized community.

  • You Must Remember This

You Must Remember This with Karina Longworth, whose voice is perfectly calibrated for Classic Hollywood, podcast a real story cast which depends on the narration of the host as well the details contained in the story. This “You Must Remember This” is a narrative podcast about the secrets and forgotten histories of the Hollywood. The story line of the movie is that the film industry is dynamic and so it will keep changing. However, the gross ego and ambitions related to it will still never change. “You Must Remember This” has become one of the top movie podcasts and is mostly in the top 100 of all podcast on iTunes.

  • We Hate Movies

We Hate Movies is a weekly podcast wherein New York writers and comedians like Andrew Jupin, Stephen Sajdak, Eric Szyszka and a sometimes occasional appearance by Chris Cabin meet to make fun of bad movies. However, only those movies which are ten years older or more can be used for mockery. The show even has theme months and listener’s request to keep the audience engaged. While there are movies being mocked, many of the prestigious films are appreciated and praised. Some of the hilarious episodes that were mocked were ‘Batman Vs Superman’, ‘Martha’ and much more.