A Django Podcast

A Django Podcast

Greg Aker and Bryan Helmig

Greg and Bryan work the Django beat with a weekly podcast that covers everything that is new in the world of Django. With regular guests and topics on a variety of subjects that matter most to the discerning Django developer.

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# Title Date Description Length
6 Interview with core developer Chris Beaven June 18, 2012 06/18

This week, Greg & Bryan interview Django core-developer Chris Beaven. They talk about how Chris got involved with Django, help the core team needs from the community, and interesting things currently being discussed for Django.

5 Class vs. Function Based Views June 11, 2012 06/11

In this episode, Greg and Bryan square off with some pretty thick Django nerd talk comparing class based views with function based views.

4 Deployment for Humans with Kenneth Reitz June 4, 2012 06/04

This week, Bryan and Greg talk with Kenneth Reitz about deploying Django applications on Heroku.

3 APIs and Tastypie May 29, 2012 05/29

This week, Greg talks with Daniel Lindsley, the owner of the Django consultancy Toast Driven and creator of the open-source Django app Tastypie about APIs and Django.

2 Task Queues May 14, 2012 05/14

This week Greg and Bryan discuss task queues and using Celery to handle delayed jobs.

1 Episode 1 May 7, 2012 05/07

In this inaugural episode, Greg and Bryan discuss what exactly they are trying to do, as well as cover the fresh bits of Django 1.4.



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